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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Howling Frost: Mixed Berry 30ml Frozen Fruit Monster Salt E-Liquid

Are you searching for an exhilarating vaping experience that will send shivers down your spine? Look no further than Howling Frost: Mixed berry frozen fruit monster salt e liquid 30ml. This icy concoction promises to tantalize your taste buds with a blend of frozen berries, delivering a burst of flavor with every puff.

The Chilling Fusion of Berries:

Imagine the delightful sensation of biting into a succulent berry, only to be greeted by a rush of icy coolness. That’s precisely what you can expect from Howling Frost. This e-liquid combines the sweet and tangy notes of mixed berries with a frosty blast, creating a harmonious fusion that will leave you craving for more.

Perfectly Balanced Nicotine Salt Formula:

Crafted with precision, Howling Frost utilizes a nicotine salt formula that ensures a smooth and satisfying throat hit. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting your journey, this e-liquid offers a balanced nicotine experience that is gentle yet fulfilling.

A Refreshing Escape:

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, sometimes all you need is a moment of pure refreshment. Howling Frost provides just that—an escape into a realm of icy bliss. With every inhale, you’ll feel the chill wash over you, awakening your senses and invigorating your spirit.

Versatile and Convenient:

Whether you prefer to use a pod system or a traditional vape setup, Howling Frost is compatible with a wide range of devices. Its 30ml size ensures long-lasting enjoyment, allowing you to carry the coolness wherever you go.

Experience the Chill Today:

Embrace the icy embrace of frozen berries and let the coolness envelop your senses. It’s time to elevate your vaping experience to new heights with Howling Frost.


With its tantalizing blend of frozen berries and smooth nicotine salt formula, Mixed berry frozen fruit monster salt e liquid 30ml is a must-have for any vaper seeking a refreshing escape. Try it today and discover the coolness that awaits within each puff.

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